Herotag transaction generator (Web wallet)

Use the form below to generate the Tx infos, needed to associate a herotag to your erd address.

You just have to make a classic Tx with your wallet, with the info given below.

Your herotag should contain alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9 only).

And of course, your herotag must not already be used.

The herotag can't be empty

This herotag is already used

The herotag must not contain spaces between characters

The herotag must contain only alphanumeric characters

This is the transaction you need to do in your wallet:


- It's not possible to modify or delete a herotag assigned to an address!

- The herotag will be visible in the Elrond Explorer, as well as on the blockchain, but cannot yet be used as a receiving address in the Maiar application.

- You can test this generator on a secondary wallet before doing this operation on one of your main wallet (remember to not use the definitive herotag during a test, as it will no longer be available).


Enter amount and recipient address.


Video tutorial